When should my child be walking?

Many parents worry at the sight of their child crawling at the local park unable to achieve the milestones that they are expecting of their baby. Attempts at play with other children often result in an inability to keep up with the pace of children who seem to be growing at a faster pace. “When is my baby going to be able to make his way over to the slide? Why can’t my child keep up with the other children? When will my baby walk? Why hasn’t he or she achieved the desired milestones are questions that you may often wonder about.

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Why is my child’s speech delayed?

Many parents have shared concerns with us about their children’s speech delays. Parents have been worried that there are underlying reasons to the lack of progress in their child’s speech development.

Here at metrochildren we are also concerned about your child’s speech development. According to an American Speech-Language-Hearing Association factors such as the child’s inborn ability to learn language, other skills the child is learning, the amount and kind of language the child hears, and how people respond to communication attempts can slow down or accelerate the speed of speech and language development. This makes it difficult to say with certainty where any young child’s speech and language development will be in 3 months, or 1 year.

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