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You may suspect that your child, or a child you know, is not reaching age-appropriate milestones, or seems to be falling behind developmentally.

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1.  How do I know if I my child is eligible?
You can only know if a child is eligible after the evaluations are complete. You can contact us directly for more information.

2.  How are Early Intervention services provided?
Only qualified professionals (individuals who are licensed, certified, or registered in their discipline and approved by the State) can deliver early intervention services. They are provided through an Individualized Family Service Program (IFSP).

3.  Where are the services provided?
Services can be provided anywhere in the community, including your home, child care center, family day care home, recreational center, library, early childhood program and center, or any place parents and children go for fun and support.

4.  What about the costs of the program?
If your child is eligible for the Early Intervention Program, early intervention services are provided at no cost to you.

5.  What are the professional qualifications for EIP service providers?
In addition to their certification or licensure, qualified professionals should have experience working with children age birth to three years with special needs, and have a satisfactory character and competency review. Individuals who provide evaluations under the EIP should possess knowledge of early childhood development and developmental disabilities in young children, competence in their discipline, be experienced in the evaluation of young children, and have expertise in working with young children and their families. They are all certified as EIP providers by the State Department of Health.

6.  What are my rights and responsibilities as a parent in the Early Intervention Program?
As a parent in the Early Intervention Program:

  • You take part in all the decisions.
  • Meetings are held at times that are good for you.
  • Your permission is required at every step of the process.
  • All information about your child and family is confidential.
  • You have the right to have your views heard and considered if you disagree with others.


*Source: The Early Intervention Program: A Parent’s Guide, published by the New York State Department of Health and the NYS Dept of Health EIP Regulations.

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